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North Complex West Zone

The North Complex West Zone (formerly, Bear Fire) is an ongoing fire situation in the eastern side of Butte County. Find resources and updates here.

There's More to Explore. Pace Yourself.

Grab the dog and a sense of adventure and take a drive to the pristine Northern California landscape of Butte County for an adventure in the wide-open outdoors. Butte County offers an expanse of fresh air and scenic trails, serene lakes and classic charm.

Spend a weekend hiking one of 77 mountain summits or biking the top-rated nature trails. For a relaxing day at the water, pack a picnic and make your way to Lake Oroville where you can meander along the water or toss in a line.

After you work up a sweat, dip your feet in the Feather River or venture to the Forebay Aquatic Center, where you can learn to sail or kayak and tie knots like a real shipmate or find your balance with a paddleboard yoga session.

Whether you’re looking to relax or to challenge yourself, there are many paces to be experienced in Butte County.