Why Butte County is a Dream Destination for All Cyclists

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Why Butte County is a Dream Destination for All Cyclists

Whether it’s leisure, competition, road cycling, or mountain biking—if it’s on two wheels, chances are good that you’ll find a great ride in Butte County.

Mountain Biking

Looking for an epic mountain biking adventure? Butte County boasts an array of scenic trails suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Don't let the modest altitudes fool you—Butte County is home to challenging terrain that will thrill even the most experienced riders.

The place to start is Upper Bidwell Park, which is the epicenter of mountain biking activity in the county. The rocky terrain of Bidwell's North Rim, B Trail, and Upper, Lower, and Middle Trails offer a unique challenge that can help riders develop their skills. Check out the Guardian Trail for a formidable test of your abilities or try the more moderate Annie Bidwell Trail.

For wider, less technical trails, head south to the Lake Oroville area. There, you'll find a miles-long network of trails that offer a great ride, including Potters Ravine and the North Fork Trail.

But for the real dirt enthusiast, explore the hidden trails in the hills. Cohasset Road turns into a dirt trail just above Cohasset, offering an almost-endless ride on a bike. Forest Ranch also offers interesting rides, with trails connecting to Highway 32, Magalia, and all the way down into Centerville, offering great ways to explore the county.

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If you're a cyclist seeking some friendly competition or a true test of your skills, look no further than Butte County. The region is the perfect playground for anyone looking to get a respectable workout in without battling endless stoplights.

The cycling community in Butte County is both competitive and tight-knit, with a mix of both experienced riders and young talent that create a continually competitive group (some even say that the level of competition in Butte County rivals that of big cities farther south).

If you're looking for a great race to jump into, Chico Velo is an outstanding local cycling advocate group and the perfect place to start. But be careful—Butte County riders are always ready for a challenge!

So get ready to pedal to the metal and join the competitive and fun-loving cycling community in Butte County. With plenty of races and challenges to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect way to push your limits and have a blast while doing it!

Leisure/Casual Cycling

Biking is also just an accessible and fun way to explore Butte County. With plenty of bike lanes and mild hills, getting around on two wheels is a breeze.

The county's urban areas, particularly Downtown Chico and Downtown Oroville, are incredibly bike-friendly. And it's not just for commuters—from weekend farmers markets to leisurely rides for ice cream or dinner, biking is a fun way to get around town. Plus, the county has a strong biking culture, with a supportive public and plenty of park-and-lock places to hop off your bike and explore on foot.

Road Cycling

With a whole county to explore, there are endless road options to choose from in Butte County.

Some local favorites include cruising up to Centerville (especially in the fall), the easy, flat ride through orchard-lined roads in Durham, and the iconic Honey Run Road. The best part is the freedom to explore and discover new routes, taking in the stunning landscape of trees, mountains, farmlands, rivers, creeks, and lakes that make Butte County so special for cyclists.

Whether it’s the first ride in Butte County or your millionth, the area’s natural beauty and diverse terrain never stops inspiring cyclists. With flat roads, hills, downhills, gravel, mountain trails, fire roads, busy roads, and quiet roads, riders have endless options for adventure. So grab your helmet and hit the open road—adventure awaits!

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