Agricultural Foodie

Taste Butte County brandy, tour local vineyards, and sample farm-fresh food

Agritourism & Locally Grown

Agricultural Foodie

Butte County is one of the bread baskets of California—a region known for its exceptional agricultural quality and family-operated farms. Experience this side of the county with a trip dedicated to tasting local food, experiencing local agriculture, and exploring the stories behind Butte County farms, wineries and orchards.

Day 1

Enjoy Breakfast at Tender Loving Coffee

Tender Loving Coffee is known for deliciously vegan menu and locally roasted coffee. Even enthusiastic meat eaters will enjoy their robust brunch menu, so enjoy in the quirky and quaint dining area or take it to go—with its location just a couple of blocks away from the heart of Downtown Chico, Tender Loving Coffee is a great starting point for your day.

Discover the Best of Butte County Produce at a Farmers Market

You can't visit Butte County without tasting the fresh produce and locally grown products available. The best way to sample everything is to visit one of the Chico Certified Farmers Market throughout the county. Whether it's at one of the annual markets or a seasonal one, you’ll find goods from renowned local growers, including nuts, olive oil, grass fed beef, eggs, herbs, and fresh baked artisan breads.

Wine & Spirits Taste at Almendra Winery & Distillery

Take the drive from Chico to Durham to see Butte County’s orchards and vineyards. Stop in at Almendra Winery and Distillery to see the beautiful copper still and hand-made woodwork in the tasting room, and to sample local Almendra and Bertagna wines as well as Almendra’s delicious infused brandies.

Dine at Grana

Grana picks the freshest ingredients to elevate the dining experience and ensure that Butte County produce is at the heart of every meal. The menu changes to reflect what's seasonally available, with the chef and owner working closely with the vendors at the farmers markets, so be prepared for a culinary delight!

Explore Farms Across the Sierra Oro Farm Trail

Use the Sierra Oro Farm Trail map as a guide for a self-guided tour of local agricultural producers, such as the wineries in the Durham Wine District and Bangor Wine Region or specialty farms like Harrison's California Chestnuts.

Agricultural Foodie

Explore Hodges Nursery

If you are an aspiring vintner or grower, stop by Hodges Nursery & Gifts to learn how to grow your own grapes and pick up some good tips from a local horticulturist, Ken Hodges.

Lodge in Chico

Choose from a variety of Chico lodging to round out your evening.

Day 2

Eat Breakfast at Cafe Coda

Grab Breakfast at Cafe Coda, a colorful coffee shop and eatery on the edge of Downtown Chico.

Pick up Local Treats at Maisie Jane's

Stop by Maisie Jane’s to sample the flavors of a true homegrown Butte County success story. Maisie Jane, the daughter of an Almond farmer, started experimenting with nut-roasting techniques in her teens, and has grown that passion into an iconic local brand of high-quality snacks, and fruit and nut recipes.

Tour the Patrick Ranch Museum

Learn about Butte County’s illustrious agricultural history at the Patrick Ranch Museum, an old farmhouse that has been restored into a museum.

Agricultural Foodie

Tour Lundberg Family Farms

Drive by Lundberg Family Farms in Richvale for a look at a family-run, organic rice operation that innovates in gluten-free rice products and environmental responsibility. Stop in on any weekday between 8am – 4pm to shop at the farm store during your visit.

Agricultural Foodie

Stay the Night in Oroville

Spend the night at a great Oroville lodging location of your choice

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