Top 10 Spots to See Fall Colors in Butte County
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Top 10 Spots to See Fall Colors in Butte County

Those who live in Butte County know that fall is arguably the prettiest time of year.

Between mid-October and mid-November, the region bursts with vivid yellows, oranges, and reds: River banks. Parks. Main streets. All become a photographer’s dream subject.

If you can’t wait, you can catch the earliest of fall colors with a trip to the mountains. But with a little patience, you can catch some of the best colors right in town.

So get your cameras ready and discover some of the best Butte County spots for enjoying fall color.

Chico Area

Bidwell Park

Whether you like to hike, bike, or walk, you’ll be rewarded with an abundance of color in Bidwell Park. Lower Bidwell Park and the Yahi Trail in Upper Park are particularly beautiful. Really, though, wherever you visit, it’ll be beautiful this time of year.

Chico Seed Orchard

Full of plants collected from around the world, the Chico Seed Orchard is an international delight. Sometimes known as the Chico Tree Farm, you’ll find the Seed Orchard a popular family portrait spot in the fall—and for good reason! Explore Comanche Creek, vivid fall colors, and even a mini bamboo forest. The drive along Cramer Lane is just as beautiful (make sure to respect property of those who live there!).

Chico State Campus

As a designated arboretum, Chico State has over 200 species of plants on its 132-acre campus. With such a variety, you’ll get quite the color show with a simple stroll. There are a variety of tours and self-guided walks available. We recommend following the path along Big Chico Creek to start.

The Esplanade

This main north-south thoroughfare in Chico is lined with mature ginkgo biloba and other trees. A beautiful drive any time of year, The Esplanade pops with color in the fall, creating a distinctly Chico picture. One of our favorite views on the road is of the ginkgo in front of the Bidwell Mansion, which turns bright yellow for a brief and beautiful period.

The Midway

Running between Chico and Durham, the tree-lined Midway offers color views for commuters in the fall. Pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the views on the mixed-use trail that runs parallel to the road.


Downtown Oroville

Enjoy an idyllic stroll through Downtown Oroville, particularly along Montgomery Street. The fall-colored canopy creates a beautiful backdrop for landscapes or selfies. Make sure to stop by the CF Lott Home and Sank Park during your explorations!

Top 10 Spots to See Fall Colors in Butte County

Feather River

Not far from the downtown area, the Feather River offers another spot for fall color viewing. Walk along the Feather River Trail to enjoy different views. And from the Feather River Nature Center, you can get great views of the fish hatchery and Table Mountain bridge.

Top 10 Spots to See Fall Colors in Butte County
Paradise Ridge

Bille Park

Great for picnics and leisurely activities, Bille Park also serves up epic canyon views. Make an afternoon of it as you enjoy the fall colors in this popular ridge location.

Forks of Butte Creek

Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the Forks of Butte Creek is a beautifully forested area. Explore on foot on various hiking trails or just enjoy the views from the car during the drive there.

Paradise Lake

A popular summer spot, Paradise Lake shouldn’t be forgotten in the fall. Though perhaps not as widespread as in other spots, the fall color here is just as beautiful. Explore the easy hiking trail around the lake to discover the best views.

Top 10 Spots to See Fall Colors in Butte County
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