Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Butte County
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Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Butte County

If you’re a vegan, you already know that your trips to the great outdoors can be made more difficult due to the lack of options at the restaurants you may stop at along the way to your destination. While vegetarians have it easier, whether or not a restaurant has put much thought into their needs can make or break a dining experience. So for those meatless eaters looking for adventure, fun, and a great dining experience here in Butte County, we’ve done your homework for you with this non-exhaustive but reasonably complete reference guide to vegan- and vegetarian-friendly Butte County restaurants.

Always tell your server about your dietary restrictions before ordering so they can help you modify menu items or find off-menu options that may be available, and always be mindful that even restaurants listed here may occasionally go through menu revisions, new owners, or new chefs. It pays to check out any menu beforehand (and call if you have questions), but the cornucopia of great eateries listed here have served our plant-oriented guests well in the past, and many of them are local favorites that are routine stops for area vegans and vegetarians.

Lists are alphabetical, with (*) next to those with particularly robust or special offerings.


Aca Taco (Chico) - Two locations in Chico for your convenience. The menus are not clearly labeled, but they are vegan-friendly, and have vegan rice, beans, and guacamole—often difficult to find!

Ali Baba (Chico) - A solid spread of vegetarian options, and much can be made vegan if you simply avoid the yogurt-based tahini.

Amigos de Acapulco (Chico) - Their menu isn’t clearly labeled, but they have vegan rice, beans, and salsa, making most items easily modifiable.

*Aonami Sustainable Sushi (Chico) - A local treasure, Aonami specializes in sustainable sushi for those who eat fish, but also has a dedicated menu of vegan sushi, several bowls (try the Jeannie bowl and order some extra sauce!), and regularly rotates in vegan specials, such as their frequently sold-out vegan ramen.

*Bacio (Chico) - A robust and clearly labeled menu with vegan-friendly options and easily modifiable dishes. One of the few places where it’s easy to get a vegan catered lunch for a business meeting!

The Banshee (Chico) - They serve Impossible burgers on vegan buns, plus hearty portabella burgers. The steak fries are absolutely top of the line!

Beatniks Coffee House & Breakfast Joint (Chico) - This is a great local cafe favorite open for breakfast and lunch. They have solid vegetarian and vegan options, and it’s easy to add on some vegan sides. They generally carry one or two varieties of fresh vegan scones that are worth a visit all on their own.

Bellachino’s Café (Chico) - They have several vegan bagel sandwiches, and some others that can easily be modified. A great stop for a bagel and a cup of joe.

Bulldog Taqueria (Oroville) - Confirmed to have vegan beans and veggie burritos, this is a solid drive-through option for vegans on their way to a hike or passing through town.

Burgers and Brew (Chico) - You can ask for a vegan menu, and they’ve got Impossible patties and Vegenaise available for easy and excellent vegan burgers, plus some delicious fries and an impressive array of beer.

Burger Hut (Chico) - A DIY burger joint with two locations in Chico, they offer Beyond patties and vegan buns.

*Café Coda (Chico) - A top choice for a vegan breakfast or lunch! They have a separate vegan menu with several options that reminds guests that main menu choices can be made vegan as well, and they have a nice selection of vegan breads to choose from.

Cocodine Thai (Chico) - The curries here are not vegan, sadly, as they use seafood extracts, but much of the menu is veganizable. Be sure to try the vegan spinach wrap appetizer, spicy fried rice, and eggplant tofu!

*Drunken Dumpling (Chico) - Grown up from a food cart, Drunken Dumpling offers a number of sumptuous and clearly labeled vegan options. This place is an absolute delight, and no visitor to Chico with a penchant for Asian food—vegan or omnivore—should miss it!

*Farm Star Pizza (Chico) - Another Chico staple, Farm Star offers some great vegan options, and they have vegan cheese far superior to what’s available at most pizza places. These creative pizza offerings should satisfy everyone in your party.

*Gogi’s Cafe (Chico) - If you’re looking for delicious Indian cuisine with a vegan touch, Gogi’s is a perfect choice. After their son went vegan, the proprietors of this local icon made sure to include a robust number of vegan options every day, all of which are delicious. If that isn’t quite enough, let them wow you with their vegan naan and vegan lassi, or celebrate Thanksgiving with them and their annual Vegan Thanksgiving Buffet.

Grana (Chico) - While the menu is intimidating for a vegan, and one should be sure to inform servers of their dietary restrictions, the chefs here are always happy to work with their patrons, making this a great higher-end choice for vegan diners. Don’t miss the unbelievable flatbread and fresh hummus.

Guzzetti's Indian Food & Catering (Chico) - Their grab-and-go offerings are all clearly labeled (and of course, delicious), making them easy for vegans and vegetarians, and even those with other dietary restrictions, to enjoy.

The Handle Bar (Chico) - They offer an Impossible patty, a portabella muffaletta, Daiya cheese, and Vegenaise, making this an easy choice for a beer and a bite. In fact, take a Brews Cruise with their sampler while you’re at it!

*Ike’s Place (Chico) - This favorite hangout of CSU, Chico students also has a great vegetarian and vegan menu! Some menu layout changes have recently made things a little more confusing for vegans, but ask the friendly servers for what you want and chances are they can accommodate. Even the on-menu items are substantive, and you won’t go away hungry!

La Costena de Acapulco (Oroville) - A solid, clearly-labeled vegetarian menu can be found here with veggie-oriented tacos and burritos that are easily veganized.

La Flor De Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria (Chico) - Three locations serve up sweet treats, including many non-dairy, water-based freezes and pops. Ask about non-dairy options, and you’ll end up with some good fruit juices, smoothies, and paletas.

Live Life Juice Company

If you’re looking for something that’s both healthy and deeply satisfying, Live Life Juice Co. in Chico has what you’re looking for, with a huge array of fresh juices on offer, in addition to vegan pies, vegan soft-serve, and an exciting spread of sweet and savory to-go food options, all of which are high quality and delicious. The only non-vegan thing in the store is the very occasional use of honey, so vegans will go away happy.

Madison Bear Garden (Chico) - This longstanding Chico institution is focused on meat, without a doubt, but a house-made veggie patty can be used on any of their burgers, and they do have a single fully-vegan burger on the menu if you’re a visiting vegan or CSU, Chico student who wants to hang out with a larger group. Sandwiches and sides are largely meat-focused, though vegetarians have plenty of options for fries.

*Momona (Chico) - Vegan ramen in Butte County? You bet! Clear menus and helpful staff will get you some fantastic vegan ramen, in addition to vegan bao made with succulent oyster mushrooms (which can also be added to your ramen). A variety of imported beer and sake make an afternoon walking downtown extra pleasant.

MOD Pizza (Chico) - A make-it-yourself pizza place with vegan crusts, cheese, and sauce, this is a great place for the whole family.

Nori Asian Kitchen (Oroville) - While there is little vegan presence on the menu, locals tell us that you can get a considerably better than average bowl of vegan pho here, with good flavor despite the ingredient changes, and a hearty rice plate with tofu.

Noodle House (Chico) - Their “vegetarian special” menu is actually vegan, meaning there’s a decent number of choices at this local noodle spot.

Parkside Taphouse (Chico) - Though the menu isn’t particularly well-labeled, your servers can direct you to Impossible patties and a few elegant, tasty vegan side options here.

Peeking Chinese (Chico) - If you look over the vegetarian menu and ask to avoid chicken broth, this place has a particularly nice selection of different faux meats to choose from. If you’re looking for vegan-friendly Chinese comfort food, this is your place.

Pita Pit (Chico) - This chain restaurant is worthwhile due to the fact that it’s got tons of vegetables, its sauces are noted as vegan or not, and you can build your food from the ground up! A great choice for any vegan or vegetarian.

Pho Noodle House (Oroville) - A perfect choice for vegetarians, and a solid choice for vegans. While some sauces and most soups cannot be made vegan, the menu has a number of safe options, tofu can be substituted for any meat, and orders can be modified to exclude unwanted items. One of the tastiest spots in Oroville!

Priya Indian Cuisine (Chico) - Their naan is traditional, and thus not vegan, but there are usually many vegan and non-dairy dishes available at this popular Indian restaurant, making it a reliable choice. And the food is delicious!

Red Tavern (Chico) - Be sure to talk to your server, but this place has vegan off-menu specials and an accommodating kitchen, making it a nice option for vegans looking for something slightly more upscale.

Rice Bowl (Chico) - Chinese and Japanese favorites can be found here on menus that are not clearly labeled, but the kitchen is vegan-friendly and can prepare a seitan-based chicken replacement for any meat item.

Savor Ice Cream (Chico) - This all-organic artisanal ice cream shop always serves up vegan flavors (made in a separate machine) in addition to their dairy-based ones. Plus, the waffles cones are vegan, so everyone can have their scoops to go!

Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant (Chico) - A variable menu makes this sometimes more viable than others for vegans, but the current chef has always provided a couple of vegan options on the small menu. And Sierra Nevada’s beer is famously all vegan, using Irish moss rather than isinglass during filtration, making the taproom a no-brainer for vegan beer enthusiasts.

Sofi'z Kitchen and Bar (Chico) - The only restaurant in Chico specializing in authentic Pakistani cuisine also features a variety of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, all made fresh daily and to-order with real spices from Pakistan.

Sipho's Jamaica (Chico) - Chico's only Jamaican restaurant, Sipho's offers a small vegetarian section on the menu, which is mostly vegan. There are also vegan appetizer and side options.

Sophia’s Thai Kitchen (Paradise) - This favorite for Thai cuisine doesn’t have a clearly labeled menu, but some of its items are vegan, and many vegetarian items can be altered easily, making this an excellent stop for both vegans and vegetarians.

Sushi King and Boba Tea Zone (Chico) - Several of their “sushi burritos” are vegan, as are a number of sides and their flavored teas. The menu isn’t clearly labeled, but they’re great about listing their ingredients, making it a great stop for vegans—and kids adore it!

Tea Bar & Fusion Café (Chico) - A nice selection of leaner food, there’s always something to satisfy vegans here, including some excellent bowls topped with delicious tofu and sauces.

Tacos Mary (Chico) - Their rice and beans are vegan, making this local college hangout a perfect choice for Mexican food lovers. “No queso, no crema” is all you need to veganize any meal without meat!

Taqueria Maria’s (Oroville) - Your mileage may vary with much of the menu here, but they serve up a big veggie burrito that can be made vegan.

*Tender Loving Coffee (Chico) - With a few recent changes, Tender Loving Coffee is now the go-to coffee shop for vegans. All drinks come standard with oat milk, and their menu of open sandwiches and breakfast fare is entirely vegan. Make sure to grab yourself a cup of one of their gourmet coffee blends (and take some beans home too) to go with the excellent vegan coffee cake and other vegan treats and pastries.

Time Pho Boba (Oroville) - What seems like a straight-up boba shop actually has a surprising food menu. Bear in mind that foods are cooked in the same facilities and cross-contamination is possible, so the strictest vegans may have trouble, but they’re happy to customize orders and use tofu in place of meat.

Tong Fong Low (Chico and Oroville) - While this historic Butte County staple doesn’t have clearly labeled menus, many of their items are vegan-friendly. This doesn’t include their chow mein noodles, sadly, but their wonderfully greasy, oversized egg rolls make up for it! Be sure to give the szechuan tofu and green beans with garlic sauce a try while you’re there.

Unwined Kitchen and Bar (Chico) - Unwined gets high marks for both clear menus and accommodation. Vegans and vegetarians should find themselves welcome here, and substitutions or alterations should be easily managed by the helpful staff.

*Wine Time (Chico) - With a goal of having "a menu that everyone can enjoy," Wine Time regularly offers new vegan and vegetarian specials. A clearly labeled vegan menu with some solid options and easy changes make this a great stop for vegans, and the variety of soups and even a vegan Cesar salad put this at the top of the list for a weekend lunch with a glass of wine.

Woodstock’s Pizza (Chico) - While it lacks the same number of options as other vegan-friendly pizza places, Woodstock’s has been serving area vegans for a long time. Daiya cheese makes their vegetable pizza a great choice, especially since their Downtown Chico location is great for gatherings.


*Bidwell Perk (Chico) - This coffee shop only offers a single vegan Greek sandwich, but has plenty of bagels, breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, and small plates for vegetarians.

Broadway Heights (Chico) - While you won’t find vegetarian appetizers or dinner entrees here, there are a couple of vegetarian sandwiches and a solid handful of vegetarian pizza options to be had, all clearly labeled on their menu.

Casa Lupe Mexican Restaurant (Gridley) - A Gridley favorite, Casa Lupe serves its vegetarian patrons with a variety of options and a small but dedicated vegetarian menu. Vegans aren’t explicitly provided for, but may be able to work something out with the chef.

Crush Italian Cuisine and Lounge (Chico) - Crush has a noticeably meat-heavy menu, but one that still offers enough vegetarian options to be vegetarian-friendly. And don’t forget to grab a sumptuous dessert!

Morning Thunder (Chico) - This down-home eatery has no interest in serving vegans, and isn’t a veggie-heavy menu otherwise, but every section of the menu does feature at least one or two solid vegetarian options that make it a worthwhile visit for vegetarians.

Nic’s (Paradise) - While the menu doesn’t appear too friendly to non-carnivores, locals confirm there are a limited number of vegan options available, and custom options should get vegetarians where they want to go, though most of the on-menu items are focused on meat.

Rail House Pub and Grill (Gridley) - While the sandwich menu is exclusively meat-centered, any of the substantial variety of burgers here can have the beef patty switched out for a veggie patty, and there is an enticing selection of vegetarian comfort-food appetizers.

Sin of Cortez (Chico) - A local favorite that’s unsuitable for vegans since it cooks most of its vegetarian items in butter, and their Buddha Bowl uses a fish-based lemongrass paste. But vegetarians should find plenty of options to satisfy themselves here.

*Upper Crust Bakery & Café (Chico) - This local staple is perfect for vegetarians, with a wide array of different veggie options to work with on their substantial menu. Vegans may be able to work with servers and chefs to get something, but the menu is decidedly unfriendly to vegans.

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